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Client Account Managers who {Heart} Marketing

Location: Saugus, Massachusetts, United States
Department: Marketing
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You {heart} digital marketing! You dream in numbers/slogans/social media. You eat the Internet for breakfast and wash it down with a glass of Google Juice--and occasionally Bing berries. You recently looked at an EKG printout and said, “Yeh, so what’s the year-over-year performance?” Your +1s got so many Likes that they’re trending with their own hashtag. You share. Sharing is caring.

You laugh when you hear websites advertised on the radio. You mentally compose Yelp reviews for every party you attend. Angie, Craig and Judy love to hear from you. You deliberately visit obscure Amazon products just to @#$% with remarketers. You know the exact moment when a sender gets added to the Spam folder.

You saw that thing that everyone’s now talking about, last week. Seconds before you read this post, you were watching that thing that everyone will be talking about next week. You can describe anything in life in five keywords or less, and you know what type of person will respond to each of those keywords.

If this is you, we’d like to hear from you. We’re C-4 Analytics, and we’re looking for junior and senior level digital account managers and strategists who live to help people succeed online. If you have the passion, we have some great clients who could use your help.

Please send us a copy of your resume(keep it to a page) and your salary requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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